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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pablo Rueda Recieves Honorable Mention in the LSA Graduate Student Paper Prize

In a continuation of JSP's near sweep of graduate student paper prizes from the Law & Society Association and Law & Social Inquiry, JSP doctoral student Pablo Rueda has received an honorable mention in the always hotly contested graduate student prize category. The paper LEGAL LANGUAGE AND SOCIAL CHANGE DURING COLOMBIA’S ECONOMIC CRISIS, was nominated for the prize by Professor Malcolm Feeley. It will appear in print in a book titled LEGAL CULTURES AND JUDICIALIZATION IN LATIN AMERICA, edited by Alexandra Huneeus (JSP PhD, JD Berkeley), Rachel Sieder and Javier Couso (JSP PhD).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jonathan Simon delivers 4th Annual Roger Hood Public Lecture at Oxford

JSP professor Jonathan Simon delivered the lecture to the Oxford Centre for Criminology on Thursday, May 21 and conduced a seminar on the lecture at All Souls College the following morning. The Hood lecture, named in honor of the Chair emeritus in Criminology at Oxford, Roger Hood, may be becoming something of a Berkeley franchise as the 3rd annual Hood lecture was delivered by JSP professor Franklin Zimring.

Monday, May 18, 2009

2008- 2009 GSI Award Winner

Three JSP students, Hillary Berk, Alexander Rosas, and Shauhin Talesh have received Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor awards for 2008-2009. The award reflects strong evaluations and nominations from Legal Studies students and faculty. Congratulations to Hillary, Alexander and Shauhin.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jamie Rowen and Shauhin Talesh Awarded NSF Grants

JSP doctoral students Jamie Rowen and Shauhin Talesh have each been awarded prestigious National Science Foundation "dissertation improvement grants." These highly competitive NSF grants:

provide funds for items not normally available through the student's university. Additionally, these grants allow doctoral students to undertake significant data-gathering projects and to conduct field research in settings away from their campus that would not otherwise be possible. Proposals are judged on the basis of their scientific merit, including the theoretical importance of the research question and the appropriateness of the proposed data and methodology to be used in addressing the question.

Professor Lauren Edelman is chairing both dissertations.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shoaib Ghias Wins Law & Social Inquiry Graduate Student Paper Prize

JSP doctoral student Shoaib A. Ghias has been selected as the winner of the Law & Social Inquiry 2009 Graduate Student Paper prize for his paper, "Miscarriage of Chief Justice: Lawyers, Media, and the Struggle for Judicial Independence in Pakistan." Shoaib wrote the paper for the Sawyer Seminar last year under the guidance
of Malcolm Feeley. Shoaib also credits conversations with Gordon
Silverstein, Bob Kagan, Martin Shapiro, Tom Ginsburg and Manoj Mate. The paper will be published in the journal, Law & Social Inquiry, the peer reviewed journal of the American Bar Foundation.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Simon on Parole on UCNewsCenter

The UC Berkeley News Center carries the first of a two part interview with JSP Associate Dean Jonathan Simon on California's broken parole system. The interview with NewsCenter reporter Cathy Cockrell can be accessed here.