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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

JSP Alum Christopher Jewell Publishes New Comparative Study of Welfare

Palgrave MacMillan has just published Agents of the Welfare State: How Caseworkers Respond to Need in the United States, Germany, and Sweden by Christopher Jewell, a recent JSP grad and currently a post-doctoral research fellow at UCSF. It is based Chris's dissertation research and provides a closely-observed, illuminating perspective on the legal, social, and political construction of welfare law implementation in Los Angeles, Bremen, and Malmo. Chris's article-length condensation of the book appears in the most recent issue of Law & Policy. According to JSP Professor Robert Kagan, "research on the vitally important kind of legal decision making that goes on in the bureaucracies of the welfare state is woefully rare, and comparative research of this kind is virtually unprecedented."


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