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Monday, March 12, 2007

JSP Job Results 07

The faculty hiring market for 2007 will continue for another month or so (even longer for some positions) but most of the JSP students and recent graduates looking for jobs this year have already accepted offers on the following outstanding faculties:

  • Hadar Aviram, Assistant Professor, Hastings College of Law (Fall 07)
  • Jacqueline Gehring, Assistant Professor, Allegheny College (Fall 07)
  • Alexandra Huneeus, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Law School, Madison (Fall 07)
  • Chrysanthi Leon, Assistant Professor University of Delaware (Fall 07)
  • Dorit Rubinstein, Assistant Professor, Hastings College of Law (Fall 07)
  • Josh Wilson, Assistant Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Fall 07)

Many of these students had other job offers or pending consideration at other schools, including UC Irvine, at the time they accepted their current position.

Congratulations to all of the JSP students involved in the 07 job market


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